Financial services

Tax advisory services
Modeling and planning of potential consequences of tax transactions
Day-to-day tax advice
Drawing up and registration of transactions
Tax audit
Tax declarations
Accountancy services and consultancy
Accountancy services
Preparation of financial statements according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia
Preparation of financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards
Development of accounting manuals, methodologies and procedures
Preparation of internal financial statements
Management and financial consultancy
In-depth study of financial, tax and management processes
Consulting on strategic planning for small-, medium- and large-sized companies
Help and consultations about the consolidation process for the group’s needs
Development of the unified accountancy policy for the group’s needs
Transfer pricing
Planning of the transfer pricing
Preparation of the documentation for transfer pricing
Concordance of the transfer pricing with the market pricing
Due diligence
Development of the company’s business plan
Preparation of the detailed analysis report of the company's current financial situation
Development of the future cash flow
Preparation of the company’s financial projections