Orients Audit & Finance is licensed sworn auditors company
(LACA license Nr. 28) that was founded in 2002. We have a professional
team of certified sworn auditor, accountants, finance consultants and
certified tax consultants. Orients Audit & Finance business activity is
based on the long-term cooperation with clients.

From the very beginning the company is run and managed by Natalija Zaiceva – sworn auditor, certified tax consultant and expert in the field of rights of claim and capital shares evaluation. Natalija has started her professional career in the financial field in 1992. Currently additionally to the development of her own business she also actively participates in the work of the Latvian Association of Certified Auditors (LACA) particularly as a LACA Member of the Board, Head of the ethics committee and Member of the examination commission of sworn auditors for "Taxation and Fees" exam.


The work quality and professionalism of the team are proved by the highest evaluation that Orients Audit & Finance received in 2016 when there was made a quality control examination of the company by the Latvian Association of Certified Auditors with representatives from Ministry of Finance.



Our mission is to make local and global companies to be successful and efficient through well arranged and correctly managed finances


Our goal is to help the clients to receive stable commercial achievements and find new possibilities for the development and financial stability of the companies as well as ensure quality, credibility and compliance with the standards and laws of their financial statements



Natalija Zaiceva

Natalija Zaiceva

Certified sworn auditor, certified tax adviser, expert in the field of debt claims and capital evaluation. Experience since 1992

Jelena Tihenko

Partner in the accounting outsourcing and auditing. Experience since 1993

 Jelena Tihenko
Olga Kuzmica

Olga Kuzmica

Certified sworn auditor, certified tax adviser. Experience since 2000